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Tu Nokwe

Tu Nokwe

Category:Actor, Musician, Singer
Age Group:61 to 65 years
Dress/Suit Size:34
Languages:IsiZulu. English. IsiXhosa (Conversational)

Tu Nokwe is an actress, known for Red Scorpion(1988),
Shaka Zulu (1986)  
What the World Thinks of God (2004).

Tu Nokwe was involved in the conceptualisation and ultimate performances of the following theater productions:
She also featured in the cast of Shaka Zulu and Red Scorpion, which were performed locally and internationally.
These are all high-profile theatre shows, which received high accolades locally and internationally. These featured high profile and world acclaimed personalities in the industry.

Productions involved in:
Isihlahla Sobuntu -2017
Ngiwafungamabomvu - 2011
Isihlahla Sobuntu  2008 - 2009
Ivoti Lami - 2007 
Beauty in our Diversity 2003 - 2006    
Joy - 2002
Singing the Times - 1992
The Touch - 1990
Freedom in Prison is Freedom Inside -  1989
 Sarafina -  1985 -2000
 Asinamali - 1982-84
 River Turns Red - 1980

Tu Nokwe is a South African actor, singer, guitarist, composer, lyricist, recording artist, author, educator, and business woman whose work is driven by her passion for children, community and social justice. During her more than 40 year career, Ms. Nokwe has worked with South Africa’s finest artists including Bheki Mseleku, Hugh Masekela, Letta Mbulu and Kaiphus Semenya, Busi Mhlongo, and Bheki Khosa, made immeasurable contributions to arts and society, and been an inspiration to South Africans and the world, demonstrating what’s possible for human beings.

Tu Nokwe has acted in numerous stage productions at home and abroad. She had a major role in the international hit television series Shaka Zulu, a part in the cult classic movie Red Scorpion, and has made numerous television appearances. She has written, produced, and performed in many plays including her mother’s biography Singing the Times which was produced by the Market Theater in Johannesburg, directed by Barney Simon, and premiered at the Stockholm Festival in Sweden.  The play was later adapted by Jerry Pooe for American schools and titled My Voice, My Life

Following her belief that art and music are formidable weapons in the service of human progress, Ms. Nokwe has perpetuated her family’s Amajika Youth Project, founded in 1976. Amajika empowered youth and children to cope with Apartheid by involving them in music, dance and drama to foster self-esteem and cultural pride. Ms. Nokwe has mentored many students who have gone on to successful careers in the arts, politics, and business. The cast of the hit Broadway musical Sarafina which was Ms. Nokwe’s original concept was made up almost entirely of Amajika students.

Ms. Nokwe’s first album Mind Your Own Business (Gallo Records) was released in 1989. In 1996, her hit album Inyakanyaka was nominated for South Africa Music Awards’ Best Album of the Year, and won Best Video for the song Inyakanyaka, defining Ms. Nokwe as a powerful musical force. Her 2002 album African Child was released under her label Tuno Music and named Best Release from Africa by British magazine Liner Notes.

In 2005, Tu Nokwe founded Traditional Music Project to restore and preserve traditional values and interest in indigenous musical instruments. The project was originally funded by the US Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation. With support of the KwaZulu-Natal Department of Arts, Tu Nokwe created the musical theater play Isihlahla Sobuntu (The Tree of Humanity) to promote appreciation of African heritage. Isihlahla Sobuntu recently completed a four-province tour sponsored by the National Lottery.

Now in her 50s, Tu Nokwe has fashioned herself as a motivational speaker/singer and life coach. Her inspirational diary Journey of My Soul and Tu Nokwe’s Circle of Life Empowerment Tools are designed to boost inspiration and self-esteem, helping people reach their highest potentials through music, creative interactions and storytelling.

Ms. Nokwe conducts exclusive voice coaching in her Art of Singing & Performance master classes. She also remains active on the world stage.

Tu Nokwe has been honored by numerous awards for her contributions in music, arts and culture, and youth and children empowerment, including The Robin Islands Heritage Award, The President’s Award, and the prestigious Thekwini Living Legends Award.