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Stallone Santino

Stallone Santino

Category:Actor, MC, Voice
Age Group:31 to 35 years
Languages:English. Afrikaans

Postgrad:Bachelor of Arts Honours: Acting and Directing University of KwaZulu-Natal. PMB 2013
Undergrad:Bachelor of Arts: Drama and Performance Studies University of KwaZulu-Natal. PMB 2012

Splinter, Lead, 2016, Directed by Roxy Burger and Dale Wolf.
Spicy Love Lead Mzwandile Makhanya 2013
The Great Escape Lead Omar Noel 2012

Generations The Legacy,  2016.
Old Mutual TVC, 2016,  Produced by Roxy Burger.

Phaedra’s Love King Theseus Louise Buchler / Sunset Heights Trevor Jacobs Emily Stockil
The Silent Princess Ivor Scoop Peter Mitchell  / Relativity: Township Stories Molomo JC Zondi
A Thousand Cranes Multiple Peter Mitchell  /  Celebrations Multiple Louise Buchler
Crave Multiple Louise Buchler  /  Titus Andronicus Tamora Benjamin Slater
Boesman and Lena Producer Hexagon Th.  /  Dream Boy (Solo) Writer, Actor, Director NAF/ Catalina Th.
Rituale Romanum Director NAF/ Hexagon Th.  /  The Crucible Assistant Director Bat Centre, Durban
The Cmplt Wrks of the Brthrs Grm Director Ulsan, South Korea

Big Data, International Radio Drama, 2017, by Ryan Estrada.
Arts and Culture Trust: Theatre Funding 2014
Nedbank Arts Affinity Funding 2014
UKZN: Theatre Technical Merit Award 2013
Assegai Film Awards Best Contribution to Film 2013
National Arts Council: Theatre Bursary 2013

Accents: South African: English, Afrikaaner, Indian, Coloured, Zulu, British, Irish, American, Indian, Spanish, French, Italian, Australian, Chinese.
Guitar, Singing, Dance - Contemp, Voice Artist