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Silas Monyatsi

Silas Monyatsi

Age Group:46 to 50 years
Languages:SeSotho, English, Zulu

FUBA Academy, Johannesburg, RSA   1995 -98      Diploma in Dramatic Arts
Trinity College, London, UK                  1996            Grade 6 in Speech & Voice         

It’s not a Burial, It’s a Resurrection             2019                                  Supporting Role
The Forgotten Kingdom Feature Film        2011                                   Supporting Role

eVod - Housewives: Supporting; 2021/2022
Gomora - 2020/21 - Supporting
Muvhango - 2018 - Cameo
Mzanzi Mnet TV - Ya Lla TV series - 2015 - Supporting Actor Role
SABC 2 - 2005 - Supporting Role – Justice for All TV
SABC 1 - 2002 - Cameo role – Generation TV Soapie  
SABC 1 - 2001 - Supporting Role – Soul City TV series

Commercials available on request

Silas is an award winning, renowned and committed artist who has been in the performing arts industry both as an actor and a crew member in various film productions for the past twenty (20) years.  He acquired a three-year formal training from FUBA Academy where he obtained a diploma in Dramatic Arts and a Certificate in Speech and Voice from Trinity College of London. Following this, he became involved in a number of SABC television productions and mainstream theatre. Most Sotho viewers remember him for the lead role of Morena Bulane that he portrayed on the Sesotho Drama series titled ‘Tholoana tsa Sethepu' in 1997. Moreover, he has performed on Grahamstown National Arts Festival in 1995 and 1997; he was language advisor in a number of Sesotho television series such as Phamokate and Sajene Kokobela, and also an assistant director trainee in Khululeka IV, an educational series on SABC 1. Some of the films that he has featured include: Generations, Soul City, Sajene Kokobela and Justice for All.
 In September 2003, Plot Point was commissioned by an organization called Phela to produce a 13-episodes series that would accompany Soul City materials in Lesotho Television. He was also a film director on this project, and he employed a number of local people and trained them. In February, 2005 he produced the two Lesotho segments of Zola 7 in Africa that were televised on SABC 1 in March 2005.  From April to November 2005, he produced an HIV & AIDS edutainment theatre project for the Lesotho Ministry of Health and Social Welfare through the Global Fund funding.  Other Projects include Voluntary Testing & Counseling promotional Video for PSI Lesotho, a corporate video for Smart Partnership’s SAID 2005, and many other projects. In 2008, Silas produced an HIV & AIDS mobilization feature film titled ‘Kau la Poho’.   This film entered FESPACO Film Festival, Zanzibar Film Festival and Kenya International Film Festival in 2009.  In 2013 he directed a documentary titled New Dawn which was produced for UNDP based on the 2012 Lesotho general elections.  This film won an award for the best produced film in 2014 at the Lesotho Film festival. In 2015/17 produced a series of 2 part documentary called ‘Koli’amalla’ which also won an award.  In 2018 he featured as a cameo in Muvhango on SABC 2.  In October 2020 to January 2021 he featured on Gomora, playing the role of Bra Mike which became very popular in South Africa.