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Sasha-Leigh Jeffries

Sasha-Leigh Jeffries

Category:Actor, Dancer, Singer, Voice
Age Group:26 to 30 years
Languages:English. Afrikaans

AMDA College and Conservatory for the Performing Arts, Los Angeles
Acting: Bill Mesnik, Anthony Barrow, Eric Scott- Gould, Jesse Jensen, Jennifer Bloom
Voice: Anne Burk, Deborah Ross-Sullivan, Chris Nher, Stu Levin
Acting for camera: Craig Anton, Cate Smit, Keith Hedland, Matt Orduna
Shakespeare Training: Dr. Roxanne Stuart, Stephen Rockwell
Stage Combat: Tim Brown, Lacy Altwine
Carolyne Barry Acting Academy, Los Angeles
Commercial auditioning: Lauren Letherer

Overreacting (Short) Lead Jason Amos
Rendezvous (Short) Supporting Dylan Hoang
The Maere (Short) Lead Alex Grybauskas
Undiagnosed (Short) Lead Lydia Riley
A conscious mess(Short) Supporting Shreya Khandelwal
My first selfie (Feature)Supporting Jaymes Camery

The Black Door - Role of Nicole - 2023

Unapologetic - Various Roles - Anthony Barrow
The Times they are A’Changin - Various Roles - Jennifer Bloom
Peer Gynt - Aase Eric - Scott-Gould
The Adding Machine - Mrs. Four - Nathanael Johnson

The Carlos Hardy Show - Improv Of Taylor Swift - Carlos Hardy

Voice Overs: 
Infernal realities: Abomination Andres Westley Monroe
The Trip Witch Chanting Brian Beery

Stage Combat: Unarmed, Rapier and Dagger, Broadsword, Environmental.
Dialects: Standard American Pronunciation(SAP) , General American Pronunciation(GAP), South
African(Native), RP, Cockney, Scottish, New York(Jewish), Irish, Southern American, French, German,
Australian. Dance: Tap.