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Sarah Kozlowski

Sarah Kozlowski

Age Group:31 to 35 years
Languages:English, Afrikaans, conversational Zulu

Anthony Meindl Actors Workshop - Ongoing Student
Meisner: Lauren Richardson – South Africa
Audition Techniques: Cassie Freeman - NY
Cedric Hill: Scene Study - NY
Scene Study: Jud Williford - LA
Rajesh Goapie -  Master Class
Cedric Hill - Audition Technique                      
Fiona Ramsay -  ACCENTS - Various
Lauren Richardson - Meisner Foundations

Limbo Lounge - short            Lucy - Lead                           Sheerscope Films
Colonials - Feature                Senator Shannon                  Joe Bland Productions
West it is - short                    Olivia - Lead                          Arlyn De Los Santos
Last Broken Darkness          Anna, support                        DS Films - Chris Dos Santos
Alexia                                    Alexia, Lead                           SYCORAX Pictures -  Khalid El Jelaiti
Bond of Blood - Feature        Lead                                       Welela Studios  - Chris Dos Santos
Circle - short                          Daughter, support                  Squad Productions
Little One: Support                 Azari Media                            Darrel James Roodt (Oscar nominated director)
Death Race 3                         Reporter, Support                   Universal Studios - Roel Reine
It’s Gawd                                Executive, Support                  Gerrald Brunskill (US Theatrical release)
Black Jew                               Lead                                        ETV -  Asi B Films
The Race‐ist                           Support                                   Willrich Productions -  Andrew Wilmot
Game Over - short                  Miss Redford, Support            Entercom Saurus Media - Leonie Thoene
PG - short                               Candice - Support                   Michael Rodriguez - Frosted Films

Agent                                      Zoe Zante - Lead                     NETFLIX
Bone of my Bones                  Claire - Support                       Vincent Moloi - Sothar Pictures    
Tempy Pushas                        Alina - Support                        Vincent Moloi - Endemol
Jongo                                      Alexandra - Lead                     Gareth Crocker - Motion Story
Isidingo                                    Pam Norton - Support             Raymond Sargent - Endemol
Thola 2                                    Madelaine - Support                 Vincent Moloi - SABC 2
The Alliance                            Russian Woman – cameo        Sifiso Simamane - ETV (ZA)
Skeem Saam                          Glenda – guest role                 Shaft Moropane - SABC
Broken Vows                           Isabella - Support                    Clive Morris Productions
90 Plein Street                         Dr. Pickford - cameo               Jahmil X.T. Qubeka - Born Free Media
The Wild                                 Alicia Le Roux - Support          Electronic Media Network
Skin                                        Ancient Roman                        Steven Cantor – Cinemax
Commercials : List upon request


Live Hosting
Miss Regal International
Allos - International
Edcon = Training videos
Mibli - International
FTV Babes - International
Reel Weather - International

Voice overs
Sky Class Aviation                   On Board and radio        Catch 22 Media
Summercon Properties            Radio spot                      Primedia
Advanced Aging Institute         All mediums                    Wow and Flutter Media
Builders warehouse                 Radio Spot                      Primedia 

Voice Over Artist, Horse Riding, Glock range training, House DJ Vinyl and CD, Netball,Tennis, Athletics, Golfer, Model, Fashion
stylist, Professional Make Up artist, Brand Ambassador, Yoga, Golf, Roller blading, Charcoal Artist, Events Coordinator,
Fly Fishing, Water-ski, Swimmer all strokes, Competition level Snooker and pool, Pole Dancing, Good with animals Can drive scooter, Standard drivers license, Ice skate.

Irish, British Standard, British Elizabethan, British Colonial, British Cockney, South African, Standard American, Russian,Scottish

Sarah Kozlowski is a South African actress with a powerful presence. She was born and raised in Johannesburg from a Lithuanian and Afrikaans heritage and is currently based in Los Angeles. She has a variety of feature films under her belt and her TV career has seen her star in various shows, namely Tempy Pushas S2 and Thola S2 to name a few. Sarah can currently (2020) be seen starring in the TV show "Agent" as Zoe Zante on Netflix. Sarah plays an ambitious Football club owner carving a name for herself in a tough male dominated industry which is based on a real character.