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Richelieu Beaunoir

Richelieu Beaunoir

Age Group:46 to 50 years
Dress/Suit Size:38
Eye Colour:Blue
Hair Colour:Black
Languages:English. Afrikaans (a Bit)

YELLOW PAGES - Role of himself - commercial - 2011
LOL - lead role in the "Improv Team" 2011-2012
Generations - a cameo role - 2017
Larger Than Life - Support Role - 2017
Comedy Central - Various shows available on request


Opening act for Trevor Gumbi - Lyric Theatre - 2012
Own One man Show (From Where I Stand) - The Play House in Durban - 2012
Zulu Theatre - Charous and Bruinous - Comedian in the show.

Rage Foundation - Master of Ceremonies for the Annual Fundraiser
Engineering Department - Master Of Ceremonies Annual Gala Dinner
Bag Factory Charity - Master of Ceremonies for Fundraiser

Comedian, Football, Writer - Short Stories, Script Writer, Dance - Salsa, Hip - Hop, Kwaito

Emerging from Durban, Richelieu now resides in Johannesburg where he enjoys
entertaining audiences of all dynamics from the comedy club scene to corporate
functions, approaching each engagement with the same enthusiasm and
An ambassador for the TW Steel Rage Foundation and the regular host and mc for
Goliath and Goliath events, Richelieu's sharpened wit and authentic approach to
subjects and situations make him easily likeable.
Conversational in his approach, his style ranges from reactionary to subtle and
uncompromising at times. Visibly enjoying the rapport he establishes with
audiences, Richelieu displays a constant smile as he engages his growing fan base
in the South African comedy scene.
Nominated for a Comics's Choice award in the Audience Choice Category and the
popular host of the Aweh Mzansi Comedy tour. Richelieu's ability to adapt to his
surroundings make him perfect at corporate functions. Performing on the biggest
stages in the country, Richelieu is well equipped to hold his own alongside the
greats in South African comedy.
As the current Comedy Central Roast Battle Champion of South Africa, Richelieu
has just disembarked from the MSC Sinfonia where he got to roast VIP guests on
board as well as perform stand up comedy routines within the main theatre on the
Richelieu has recently toured around South Africa, playing all the major cities and
some of the smaller ones in between. With a 'Comedy Central Live' performance
under his belt, he has been a part of the writing team and starred in the popular
South African skit show Bantu Hour on SABC2. His writing experience does not end
there as he was on the writing team for Larger Than Life on SABC3 as well as chief
writer for the judges on the Comedy Roast Battle Shows.