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Marianna Christophi

Marianna Christophi

Age Group:26 to 30 years
Eye Colour:Brown
Hair Colour:Brown
Languages:English. Greek

2015-2018 BA Performing and Visual arts (Hons)
The University of the Witwatersrand

Honorary Liker - Short Film - Role of Employee - 2017 
Look & Listen - Short Student Film  - Lead Role - 2017
Joust - Short Student Film - Role of Tracey - 2017
Apartment 1019 - Short Student Film - Cameo Role - 2017
Losing Us - Short Student Film - Lead Role - 2017

2018-Shakespearease- Ensemble - Dir Fiona Ramsay-Wits Downstairs theatre
2017-Number 17-Lead Role - Dir Kirsten Du Preez-Wits School of Arts
2017-Cleave-Dir Jade Beeby-Wits School of Arts (Physical Theatre)
2016-Gooey-Role of Sarah - Dir Megan Gotcho-Market theatre
2016-The Beauty Queen of Leenan-Role of Maureen - Nicole Tromp-Wits School of Arts
2016-In The End - Dir Daniele Oosthuizen-Wits Downstairs Theatre (Physical Theatre)
2016-Dinner With Friends - Lead Role - Dir Jade Beeby - Wits Nunnery
2015-Lineage: Herstory-Khutjo Green & Tshego Khutsoane-Wits Amphitheatre (Physical Theatre)

Rose Act - Short Documentary - Host - 2017

Awards and Achievements
2019 Head of Charity for NAHYSOSA (National Association of Hellenic Youth Students of South Africa)
2017 Miss Earth South Africa Ambassador
2017 Vice President of NAHYSOSA SHA
2017 Recipient of the Panathinaiki Women's association scholarship for my third year of studies
Animation Short Films - Various Voice characters - 2018
Into The Dark - Voice Artist for Lead Character - Game Design Project - 2016

Accents: Brittish, American, Irish, Scottish. Russian. Italian, Greek. Afrikaans. Australian.
Dancer: Moden, Greek. Sing - Mezzo/Soprano, Director. Writer. Clowning & Improv. Tennis. Netball.