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Dylan Wilson Max

Dylan Wilson Max

Category:Actor, Voice
Age Group:51 to 55 years
Languages:English. Shona

An African Called Cinema-Support-Jean Pierre Bekolo (W)(D)-Cobra-1998-Zimbabwe
How to steal 8 million rand-Cameo-Charlie Vundla (D)-Traffic Cop-2009-South Africa

Waiters -Lead-Patrick -2002 to 2004
Studio 263-Support-Ernest Kenge-2001 to 2003
Isidingo -Cameo-Inspector Hendricks-2005
Backstage-Cameo-Uncle Des-2004
Jozi H-Support-Simon-2008

Waiters -Lead-Stephen Chifunyise (W)
Daves Guzha (D)(P) -Patrick -2000 to 2004-All 5 Productions Including Edinburgh Theatre Festival & Festival D’Augusto Mozambique Theatre in the Park Harare
Complete Word of God(Abridged)-Lead-Dawn Parkinson (D) Reed, Martin, Long -Various Biblical Characters-2003-Reps Theatre Harare
Play Of Giants-Lead-Wole Soyinka (W) Joaquim Siguard-Kamini-2003-A Southern Africa Theatre Initiative Production that toured 5 countries in the region – Zambia, Mozambique, Tanzania, Namibia, Swaziland
A Streetcar Named Desire-Lead-Bjorn Maas(D) Tennesee Williams (W)-Stanley Kowalski-2002-Theatre Upstairs – Harare
The Accidental Death Of An Anarchist-Support-Dawn Parkinson(P)(D), Dominic Kanaventi (P), Dylan Wilson Max(P), Adam Neill (P)–
Dario Fo (W)-The Captain -2003-Alliance Francais Harare
A Dolls House -Support -Henry Ibsen (W) Dawn Parkinson (D)--2004-Theatre in The Park Harare
Macbeth -Support-William Shakespeare (W) Zane Lucas (D)-Mcduff-2004-Reps Theatre Harare
Harry; The Brother From Another Mother -Lead-Dylan Wilson Max (W)
Mandisi Gobodi (D)-Harry Suarres-2004-Harare International Festival of The Arts
Can’t Pay wont Pay --Dawn Parkinson(P)(D), Dominic Kanaventi (P), Dylan Wilson Max(P), Adam Neill (P)–
Dario Fo (W)--2003-A take it to the people project that toured various townships around Harare, Zimbabwe. The play was translated into Shona and produced by our production company Taura Tinzwe

Corporate Theatre. Special Events. Accents: American; British