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Aneshree Paul

Aneshree Paul

Category:Actor, Voice
Age Group:26 to 30 years
Languages:English, Afrikaans, Basic Spanish

Bachelors of Arts in Drama (3 year program)
The University of Pretoria
Graduated in 2015

2012 Beechwood Lead Alwyn Van Der Merwe Masker Theatre, UP
2014 Liewe Heksie Lead Estelle Zeeman Masker Theatre, UP
2015 Schande Director Aneshree Paul Pierneef Theatre,Krekvars Festival
2015 Manifestation Of Light Lead Micia De Wet Krekvars, Festival
2015 Lucidity Lead Aneshree Paul (Actor, Director, Writer) Krekvars, Festival
2015 Industrial Theatre Multiple Stagefrught Edutainment Fraser Alexander (Site Specific)
2015 A New Song Lead Napo Masheane Market Theatre (John Kani Stage) and SA State theatre
2016 Fabulous Nothing Lead Blythe Stuart Linger NAF Grahamstown
2016 Sleep(Less) Lead Aneshree Paul and Daniella Brews Vavasati International Women’s Festival, SA State Theatre
2016 DEURnis: NAT Director Aneshree Paul Site specific
2017 DEURnis: HOME Lead, Writer and Director Stephanie Gericke Sense Day Spa NAT Director Aneshree Paul
2017 Industrial Theatre Lead StageFright Edutainment Site specific
2017 A New Song Lead Napo Masheane PACOFS (Andre Heugeneut Theatre), SA State Theatre (Vavasati International Womens Festival)
2017 HOME (DEURNIS) Lead Aneshree Paul Aardklop, Nasionale Kunstefees
2018 Industrial Theatre Lead Stagefright Edutainment Various locations, Site specific
2018 Lollos and Letties Lettie Llandi Beeslaar Within Gauteng, site specific
2018 Lucidity Lead Aneshree Paul Vavasati International Women’s Festival, SA State Theatre
2019 Industrial Theatre Lead StageFright Edutainment Site specific Achievements

2015: Lucidity received the KYKnet ‘Student Performance/ Production of the Year’
2017: DEURnis was nominated at AARDKLOP Kunstefees for ‘Best Concept 2017’
2017: ACT Awards Nominee for Young Professionals
2017: Aneshree won the ‘Most Versatile Actress 2017’ from StageFright
2017: Blou Fiësta for “Home” with DEURnis collaboration at AARDKLOP Kunstefees
2018: Funded by the South African State Theatre, performed ‘Lucidity’ at the
Vavasati International Women’s Festival 2018.

Special Skills: Horse Riding, Air rifle/ pistol experience, hockey, abseiling.
Accents : Standard American, Southern American, Standard British (RP), Cockney British, Irish and South African Indian.
Areas of Experience: Acting, Writing, Directing. Contemporary Dance.