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Sarah Kozlowski

Sarah Kozlowski

Age Group:31 to 35 years
Dress/Suit Size:34
Eye Colour:Green
Hair Colour:Auburn
Languages:English, Afrikaans, conversational Zulu

Meisner: Lauren Richardson – South Africa
Audition Techniques: Cassie Freeman - NY
Cedric Hill: Scene Study - NY
Acting for Film: Rick Kostenick - LA
Scene Study: Jud Williford - LA
Technique: Cathy Giannone - LA
Voice: Justin Lujan - LA
Movement: Simon Brooke - LA
Monologues: Travis Holder – LA
TV presenting and MC– Presenting and Auto Cue: Marius Roberts – South Africa

Last Broken Darkness: Anna, Support               DS Films                                                            Chris Dos Santos
Alexia: Alexia, Lead                                    SYCORAX Pictures                                                Khalid El Jelaiti
Black Jew: Lead                                        ETV                                                                           Asi B Films
Bond of Blood: Lead                                  Welela Studios                                                     Chris Dos Santos
It’s Gawd: Executive, Support                     Jerrald Brunskill                         Jerrald Brunskill (US Theatrical release)
Little One: Support                                   Azari Media                 Darrel James Roodt (Oscar nominated director)
The Circle: Lead                                        Squad Production                                                          Ezequiel Ignacio Ayarza
The Race‐ist: Support                                Willrich Productions                                                           Andrew Wilmot
Death Race 3: Reporter, Support                 Universal Studios                                                           Roel Reine
Game Over: Miss Redford, Support              Entercom Saurus Media                                          Leonie Thoene

Bones of my Bones – Claire, Support              Sothar Pictures                                                          Vincent Moloi
Thola S2 – Madeleine Bezuidenhout, Support   Fuze Box Productions                                                          Rae Rangaka
90 Plei Street – Dr Pickford, Guest Role                Born Free Media
The Alliance - Russian wife, Guest Role           ETV
Jongo - Alexandra, Lead                            Motion Story Pictures                                                          Gareth Crocker
Skeem Saam - Glenda, Guest Role               SABC 1                                                          Norman Maake
Tempy Pushas 2 - Alina, Support                   Endemol                                                          Vincent Moloi
Isidingo - Principal, Pam Norton                   Endemol                                                                 Alex Yazbek
The Wild: Principal, Alicia Van Zyl                  MNET                                                          Johnny Barbuzano
Skin to the Max: Support                            HBO                                      Steven Cantor (Oscar winning director)

Commercials Available on request

REEL WEATHER/REEL BABES - Presented News & Weather in swimwear
MIBILI presenter at U PARTY EVENTS (for video download)

Live Hosting

Miss Regal International

Allos - International

Edcon = Training videos

Mibli - International

FTV Babes - International

Reel Weather - International

Extensive Skills

Voice Over Artist, Horse Riding, Glock range training, House DJ Vinyl and CD, Netball,Tennis, Athletics, Golfer, Model, Fashion
stylist, Professional Make-‐Up artist, Brand Ambassador, Yoga, Golf, Roller blading, Charcoal Artist, Events Coordinator, Fly
Fishing, Water-ski, Swimmer all strokes, Competition level Snooker and pool, Pole Dancing, Good with animals –Have pet
snakes. Can drive scooter, Standard drivers license, Ice skate.


Irish, British Standard, British Elizabethan, British Colonial, British Cockney, South African, Standard American, Russian,Scottish

Sarah Kozlowski is the fiery, red headed, multi-talented South African actress with a powerful, captivating presence that immediately forces every head in the room to swivel to her attention. After a successful 2016 having starred in 4 shows, namely Jongo on Etv and Thola S2 on SABC  Sarah kicks of 2017 starring as Claire, a South African woman who gets a second chance in life on Bones of my Bones, a compelling drama that is soon to air on SABC 2.

Although Sarah is most famous for her role on ‘Isidingo’, as the not-so-innocent vixen who uses sex tapes as her extortion tool, Sarah is so much more than simply an actress and is also a producer. Her talent led to a sponsorship to study acting in New York and Los Angeles, where she is still represented.  Despite worldwide exposure to the entertainment and corporate industries Sarah feels most passionate about her home country saying “there is so much happening in the South African film industry at the moment, I am even learning Zulu as I want to be a part of the ground-breaking stuff that is coming out of local film makers”!