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Megan Victor-Carelse

Megan Victor-Carelse

Age Group:31 to 35 years
Dress/Suit Size:32
Eye Colour:Brown
Hair Colour:Brown
Languages:English, Afrikaans

B-Tech Musical Theatre degree (Cum Laude) -Tshwane University of Technology
Acting I, II and III
Singing I, II and III
Composition I, II and III
Dance I, II and III
History: Arts I, II, III and IV
Musical Theatre Studies I, II, III and IV
Production I, II and III

SHADOW - Feature Film - Role of Cindy


Rhythm City                                                          Support                                  Quizzical Productions
Cambion Chronicles                                            Lead                                       Fat Cigarre Productions
Bio Oil (Commercial)                                           Lead                                      Union Swiss
Movida Corona/MTV                                         Lead
LG Crystal                                                             Support
Absa Chat Banking (Commercial)                     Support (Tour Guide)         They Shoot Films Productions
I LOVE VIOLETTA                                                 Choreographer                     Disney SA/UK & Urban Brew
Vocal Coach
TMTVSA (                          Content Producer              Stark Raving Productions
Kyknet “Dis Tyd” Rebranding                 Lead                               Kyknet & Clearwater Productions

Hair                                                                         Jeanie                                     Pieter Torien Productions
Rent                                                                        Alexi Darling                         Shoglo Productions
U/S Mimi Marques
We Will Rock You!                                               U/S Scaramouche                                Shoglo Productions
Aspects of Love                                                    U/S Rose Vibert                    Joburg Theatre
Assassins                                                               Ensemble                              RedCan Productions
Spotlight                                                                Lead                                      Tyrone Watkins Productions
Evita                                                                       Ensemble                              Pieter Torien Productions
Jesus Christ Superstar                                         U/S Mary Magdelene          Pieter Torien Productions
The Final Countdown                                          Lead                                      The Barnyard Theatre
Boston Marriage                                                 Claire                                     UJ Theatre
Summer Lovin’                                                   Director                                 PopArt
Broadway Rhythm (Revue)                                Lead                                      CCH Productions
Country Road (Revue)                                         Lead                                         CCH Productions
It Might As Well Be Swing (Revue)                  Lead                                         102 Productions

Glee Class (Singing, Acting, Dancing & Staging) at St Teresa’s (Intermediate Phase) –Substitute Teacher
Drama at St Teresa’s (Intermediate Phase) – Teacher
Vocal Coach
Top Triple Threat Course: Drama Coach

Beauty and the Beast Jr                        Assistant Director           St Teresa’s School (Intermediate Phase)
Agents of Change                                  Director                         AFDA
Mpact Activations                                  Promoter/MC                 102 Productions & The Elasticbrand

Vocal Coach

Accents: South African, Standard British, Standard American

Vocals: Singer, Pop, Musical Theatre, Rock, Folk, Jazz, Public Speaker, Choral (Soprano)

Sports: Tennis, Field Hockey, Swimming, Cricket, Action Cricket, Cave Diving

Dance: Jazz, Musical Theatre, Club

Other: Mixed Martial Arts Fight Training, Songwriter, Comfortable with nudity.