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Bongeka Ngubane

Bongeka Ngubane

Category:Actor, Singer, Voice
Age Group:26 to 30 years
Dress/Suit Size:34
Languages:English, IsiZulu, IsiXhosa

-BA Drama & Performance Studies, University of KwaZulu-Natal (2016)
-Honours in Acting for TV, FILM &Theatre, Duma Ndlovu Academy (2017)

- Mutual Friends, Feature Role– SABC 1 (2016)
-Ngempela, Episode Lead – SABC 1 (2017)
-Scandal!, Recurring Feature Role, Ochre Moving Pictures – eTV (2017)

- And The Girls In Their Sunday Dresses, Lead – Hexagon Theatre
-Match Girl, Lead – Grahamstown National Arts Festival
-Ubuhle Bemvelo Dance, Ensemble - Jomba Dance Festival
-Young Gifted and Gorgeous Musical, Lead – Hexagon Theatre
-Yesterday’s Echoes are Tomorrow’s Voices Dance, Lead – Hexagon Theatre
-ZENO, Lead – Joburg Theatre
-POLITRICKS, Lead – Hexagon Theatre
-Pretty Piece of Flesh, Supporting – Hexagon Theatre
-Ubuntombi Dance, Singer – Hexagon Theatre

 Movement / Physical Theater

A passionate, determined and talented performer, her love for performing shines right through her eclectic and free-spirited personality which is filled with consuming presence and professionalism. Bongeka has devoted her life to telling stories and moving people emotionally, beginning her acting journey by studying towards a Bachelor of Arts in Drama and Performance studies, majoring in Acting Studies and Directing Studies at the University of KwaZulu-Natal’s Pietermatizburg campus.

While studying at the university she auditioned and got cast in a number of theatre and musical productions as well as featured in some student short films with the opportunities to perform at some of the most esteemed festivals such as the Grahamstown National Arts Festival and Hilton Arts Festival to name a few. Some of her notable productions include: Politricks (2014) playing the lead character of Female Jesus,  Peter Michel’s directorial of an African-American R&B Diva’s music evolution musical titled Young Gifted and gorgeous (2015), an infused play of music, dance and poetry directed by Brenda Lee-Cele, among others she has played the role of Anna in Mike van Graan’s Green Man Flashing (2015). Upon completing her degree in 2016 she moved to Johannesburg to study towards her Honours with the Duma Ndlovu Academy where she specialized in Acting for Theatre and Screen before completing her course in 2017 she had featured in SABC 1’s Mutual Friends series, Ngempela with the same channel as well as Scandal on Etv . Apart from the stage where her truest passion lies Bongeka has also gained an insurmountable liking to acting to film and television, some of her other skills include Voice Overs, physical theatre and Singing. This young and ambitious actress is ready to touch lives through her performances whether on screen or on the stage.