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Afzal Khan

Afzal Khan

Category:Actor, Comedian, MC
Age Group:61 to 65 years
Dress/Suit Size:34

“For Better, For Worse”, which was screened at cinemas from July 2010 and saw Afzal making his debut on the big screen,
"Material”, (2013) a movie featuring Riaad Moosa, Vincent Ebrahim and Joey Rasdien in the main roles,
“31 Milllion Reasons” (2013) based on a real-life event that took place in Durban,
“Laylla Fouriie” and
“Diiana”, (2014) a story based of the life of Princess Diana.
During March 2015, he completed 2 films as part of Ekhasi Stories which were screed on ETV during 2018.

“Bay of Plenty” a guest role in the SABC sitcom” Font”, 13 episodes of the SABC drama series “Fallen” and “Snake Park”. And “Ms Fits”, a new direction short Television film on MNET.
Canadian TV series called the Indian Detective
He also played a role in the upcoming US TV series “Looming Towers”.

“Mooi Devi’s Muti and other tails” Role Of Rajbansi - 1999
“VakHansie”, Role of Banjo Cassim & The Devil (a send-up on the Hansie Cronje match fixing scandal)
“The Coollie Odyssey” Ensemble Roles - 2002-2005
“To House”  - Role of Character Uncle - 2003
“Chalo Cinema”and its 5 sequels - Bollywood Musical Drama - Ensemble 2005 - 2013
“Jimbo” Ensemble Roles - 2006 - 2009
“Tamasha on Hope Street” Role of Retired School teacher - 2017

“Fool’s Award” for best comedian in 2007.In April 2009
Minara Chamber of Commerce Award for his contribution to entertainment
List of comedy performances available on request

Comedian. Voice Artiste. Singing - Falsetto/Baritone. Ballet Styles Singing.